RQA Education

Foundation: A Look at Return Steams & the Introduction to Concept of Multi-Dimensional Diversification

“The Only Free Lunch in Investing”

The mathematics behind diversification and why RQA's balanced strategy portfolio takes a multi-dimensional approach in order to provide clients with more consistent and reliable returns across market environments.

“Taking Diversification a Step Further”

Time has shown that diversification across asset classes can materially improve portfolio risk-adjusted returns over time, but we feel this traditional style of diversification is only a partial step. By diversifying a portfolio multi-dimensionally (asset classes, time, and strategy dynamics), investors can actually bolster returns and further reduce risk throughout market environments.

Strategy Toolbox: Exploring Quantitative Strategies to Extract Economic & Behavioral Factors

“A Trend Following Approach”

Taking an illustrative look at trend following fundamentals, their application to the Traditional Portfolio, and their time tested effectiveness at preserving and growing capital across markets cycles.

“Enhancing Returns with Momentum”

Exploring the fundamentals of momentum strategies, how and why they tend to work, and the benefits they can provide to investor portfolios over time.

“Mean Reversion - Buying Fear & Selling Greed”

Taking a look under the hood of an active investment strategy that seeks to exploit inherent behavioral biases exhibited across public equity marketplaces.